Transcripts for the Russian TV series Кухня

Free transcripts are available here:


Just added another 20 episodes.

Wow, thanks! I had to register there to download them but now I have them. Nice. Maybe I will turn the episodes into mp3s so I can soak my brain, and review, with the show anywhere.

BTW, a Russian friend kindly sent me links to some Mosfilm-movies. Many of them are at this site. Here is Ирония Судьбы for example: Текст фильма Ирония Судьбы, сценарий фильма Ирония Судьбы

I’m hoping to study Russian properly every day again. :slight_smile: Yes I know hoping and doing are very different things. Lately I’ve studied more Japanese and Spanish. Yesterday I was thinking that I should study some Russian every day as early as possible so it is most likely to happen. And perhaps remind myself why I want to know Russian well. Sometimes I forget that I live so close to St. Petersburg.


Yeah, that’s a great place for Russian Movie subtitles. I read the Irony of Fate there :slight_smile:

Added transcripts for Interny now.

Please tell me how you open this subtitles because when i click into this site i see this message: your account is not confirmed. Do you know why?

They do not accept new members :frowning:

is it possible to get these transcripts elsewhere ?

To get the transcripts, you have to join. Everything on the site is free. To join the forum click “contact us” at the bottom of the page.

I tried to register, but I’m still waiting for a response from them. I wrote to them, and also filled a form, but then you still need a response from the administrator I think.

There might be a problem with the mail. Try to register now.

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Have you checked that place on your LingQ profile where people can send you private messages?

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Yes I saw your message and downloaded the files. Thank you ColinJohnstone.

It’s working! thank you for your assitance.

I filled the form to require for register. I am wondering how long do I need to wait to be approved or get any response? Thank you

You should be able to download without registering now. Enjoy!

Thank you!

the link doesn’t work (cry) (cry) how can I get free transcripts??? Thanks in advance!

Nice one!

There is also a youtube channel which offers the first 6 episode with english subtitles.

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