Transcriptions and Audiobooks Help

Has anyone been able to get a transcript for the Latin American Spanish (Carlos Ponce) narration of Harry Potter?

I would have happily bought the ebook if they made one. The Spanish ebook is in Castilian Spanish and doesn’t always match the narration.

Can I import from audible to get the transcript or do I have to find another source to buy the audiobook from that will actually give me the file? Can anyone recommend a good source for audiobooks with transcripts or that actually give you the file?

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Apparently “In June 2020, the Salamandra Bolsillo subsidiary based in the US released an all-new Latin American translation set” Link has ISBNs

Not sure if that new set matches the Ponce audio.

If you have the audio, have you tried the autotranscription feature here on lingQ? I’d expect it will have trouble with some of the names and HP specific words, but otherwise for Spanish it seems to work pretty well.

I’d like to try the LingQ feature. I’m currently borrowing the audiobook from the library. I’m planning on buying my own copy, but before I do I want to make sure that I can actually get it transcribed. It seams like most places where you can buy audiobooks don’t actually give you the file for the book - just access through their app.

So I’m wondering if LingQ will be able to transcribe from Audible or if there is a better place for me to buy audiobooks?

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I have Audible. Sometimes I use Audacity to save an audiobook as an MP3 file by playing the whole book on Audible and using Audacity to save it to a file.

The setup is a bit geeky and it takes a while, but it works.