Transcription error in "Who is She?" #11 in Russian

Story"Who is She?" # 11 in Russian

Где Вы Живёте?

The text says:

Я запарковалась на левой стороне улицы, прямо напротив школы.

But what the audio says is

Я припарковалась на левой стороне…

The German version is also full of spelling mistakes.

Thanks for reporting, we will have it fixed.

Thank you.

which lesson of the German Who Is She exactly? can you give more details please?

lesson 12 - “strafzeSel” (instead of Strafzettel)

lesson 18 - “beS” and “Bea” (instead of Bett)

lesson 20 - “fün0en” (instead of fünften)

lesson 23 - “BeE” (instead of Bett)

lesson 24 - “haEe” (instead of habe)

lesson 26 - “besRmmt” (instead of bestimmt)


thanks, we’ll fix them.

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