Transcription error help

Anyone else get this error? It plays just fine if I hit the play button above. I’m stumped. It’s a Japanese YouTube video.

Here’s the video if you’re curious: 【即実践】マルチリンガルに聞いた、語学習得に必要なのは〇〇‼︎

Can you try re-converting the file to mp3 format again and then give it another try? Is it less than 60MB in size?

It’s 13,048 KB. I made a new MP3 and got the same error.

Ok I did some troubleshooting. I was following the directions on downloading YouTube videos to MP3 using instructions from Refold and I think the file was actually a webm file and it was just renaming it to an MP3 file. They probably didn’t even know they were doing this because if media players support webm then even if you name the file *.MP3 they will figure it out and play it as you can see above in the screen shot.

But the transcription service also supports M4A file format and yt-dlp can download this format too. I downloaded this file format instead and got this error:

This incidentally is the error I got when I tried using shady websites to download MP3 files from YouTube. The M4A file is 16,183 KB.

And I did more troubleshooting. I decided the metadata wasn’t being added to the file in a way that Windows could read it (if at all). It seems there’s another app written in Python with a GUI that adds metadata called Videomass. I got it working and finally LingQ seems to have accepted my sound file (it’s in M4A format it seems).

I wonder how much time I have wasted troubleshooting technology to hopefully improve my language learning experience.