Transcription corrections? - concerning a YouTube video

Hi, I paid someone to transcribe this video: THE CURSE (ПРОКЛЯТИЕ с субтитрами - Proklyatie s subtitrami) - YouTube

I’m wondering if there is a mistake at 1:21: The transcriber wrote “Больше Чехия, Дания.” But I’m wondering if it’s actually supposed to be “Польша, Чехия, Дания.” The English translation says “mostly in the Czech Republic, Denmark…”

Also, at 0:18, does he say “вы меня тут довели просто”, or is there no “тут” there?

You are right, he says indeed “Польша, Чехия, Дания.”
“вы меня тут довели просто” - hier it is not clear what he says. Actually this word means nothing special. He could also say “вы меня вот довели просто”.

To be quite honest, I can’t hear any word between меня and довели.

Would it make sense that way? If he said “вы меня довели просто”

I see, thank you. So the English translation is actually not accurate there?

Lol you wrote ‘here’ in German. Cute :slight_smile:

I did not bemerkt that typo :wink:
Almost every English word is underlined when I type in my German Browser.
Польше sounds very similar to Больше. Someone could recognize this word differently. But I guess it should be the country name according to the context of the sentence.


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