Transcribing YouTube Videos

Where can I find someone or people to transcribe youtube videos in French and put them on Lingq? I think that once you reach a certain stage in the language learning journey, listening to these videos of high interest (with the transcript) would catapult one’s level immensely. I am more than happy to transcribe anglophone youtube videos in return (no more than 20 mins) and add the audio file to contribute to the Library although there must be tons of interesting English content for sure.

I would even be happy to pay a reasonable price just for the transcription too. And then I would just download the audio file and upload the lesson myself.

You can easily request and pay for this service using the Exchange facility on LingQ. On the top right of this screen, you’ll see a flag. Change the flag to the language you are learning, then click “Exchange” top left and select “Post Request.”

You can see that you can request all kinds of services for payment. You will need to purchase points on LingQ which can be used as cash to pay for such services. If you do not wish to buy points, you will need to earn them by clicking the English flag, then the Exchange tab, then select “Exchange Home.” You should now see tasks waiting to be completed and completed tasks.

You will see the number of points offered for each task. Remember though, that completing a request for someone else does not necessarily mean you’ll get all the points. If several users have contributed to the same request, the points may be shared out among users. It is the “requester” who decides.

You are the requester when you submit a request. If the payment you offer is too little, your request simply won’t be answered.

There are many contraints to watch out for, copyright being a major issue. But if you keep things private, this is not an issue and absolutely fine on LingQ.

I do hope that helps!!!


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Thank you very much for your response! Now i realise how many services are at our disposition it’s actually incredible! I have to take myself around this site and really use all the tools to full advantage. Many thanks again :slight_smile:

You can find some freelance translators on proz and translationdirectory to translate the youtube videos you want. Or you can also hire a translation agency to do so.
Contact the support team of, if you want a reliable certified translator’s team.