Transcribing videos into text

Hi all! I would like to find out if we have a function to transcribe videos into text (in different languages). It seems to me that we were able to do it with the movies on Netflix in the past. I would like to know if this would be also possible to do with videos on YouTube and BitChute. If you know, please let me know. Thank you in advance for any help I can get.

Hi Zuzana,

For importing the text of YT vids (if they have subtitles either manually added or automatically generated), you can simply use LingQ’s browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

I’ve done this probably more than a thousand times with various languages (esp. Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese) using Chrome or Firefox both on Win and Linux systems - works usually like a charm :slight_smile:

However, there’s a limit reg. the length of the YT vid whose audio + subtitles you can import: ca. 55-59 min (if I remember correctly).

Hope that helps,

You can import videos with subtitles (Netflx, YouTube), but videos without subtitles can’t be imported and automatically transcribed.

Thank you, Zoran.

Thank you, Peter. I will try it. The videos are usually 45 - 55 minutes long. I appreciate your help. Zuzana

Just wanted to ask one more thing, Peter. I am downloading one video from YouTube now, but it is trying to download also audio so it is taking forever. What I need is just the text. Is there a way to stop the audio download and use only the text. It would speed up the process tremendously. Let me know if you know how to do that, please. Thank you! Z.

You can show transcript from any video clicking 3 dots. See the picture. Then select all and copy/paste on your own imported lesson.

For movies, there are lots of websites that have free subtitles that you can download and then import in LingQ. It doesn’t matter if they are on Netflix or not. Just pay attention where you click, choose the right format and language. Some website publish subtitles in a tons of different languages.

Here’s the same explanation based on a short YT vid.

However, Davide was faster :slight_smile:

Thanks, Davide!

Thank you!

Thank you!