Transcribing TED talks

I have been fascinated by TED talks ever since I came across them on Lingq. But I have noticed that only a comparatively small number of them is available on Lingq, which leads to my question: Is anybody working on transcribing the rest of the talks? Is there a list of talks that should be added next? How can I participate in the process? I would love to give something back to this amazing platform and make more TED talks a part of Lingq. How should I go about that?

Would we be allowed to do that without seeking permission from TED?

I enjoy various podcasts in English not related to language learning and would be happy to transcribe some episodes, however what stops me is the uncertainty over gaining permission etc. As many of these podcasts very quickly go out of date I can’t see the publishers having too much of a problem with them being used in this way. The BBC and The Guardian for example have many podcasts that are freely available, clearly recorded using modern English that would be great content for English learners.

Any guidance here would be great.

Okay, I think I just answered my own question, at least partly. The TED webpage provides transcripts for all of their talks. I hope they will be uploaded to Lingq, but in this technical side of the matter I will not get involved for lack of skills :slight_smile:

That’s great then. If we could gain permission to add many of the TED talks to LingQ it would be great. Or I guess people could just create the lessons for themselves by copying and pasting.

Thanks for your interest in sharing lessons on LingQ! TED Talks are actually already being added regularly to the following collection: TED Talks - LingQ Language Library

For other content such as The Guardian or the BBC, we aren’t allowed to share these without permission. All of these resources can be imported privately, but users can only share content that isn’t copyrighted or that they have received permission to share.

Was going to put up such thread myself. TEDTalks already have transcripts and having an automated way to import those would be great. In fact, looks like one Russian LingQ-clone ( has already done that.