Transcribing program

Hi, I’m not a technology genius by any means, but is there not a program out there where someone can upload/download an MP3 into some program, and then this program could spit out transcripts in different languages?

I know Steve said on one of his YouTube videos that he had to pay to have Korean transcripts made from Kim Jung Ha (sorry if incorrect) podcasts that he currently listens to.

It seems if someone could come up with a good program that could make this possible, that would definitely help the learner as well as allow people to upload more skits to Lingq.

Dragon translation software is close to best practice here, but still a long way off what you (and many others) would like it to do.

i.e. It would have lots of errors for voices that it isn’t “trained” to hear, and if they are not always speaking very clearly.

A future possibility has been touted as → google glass-type app hears the speaker and then gives you a running translation, in front of your eyes, in real time. Still a decade or two off from this, i would suspect. But it would also, sadly, eliminate language learning, if and when it happens.