Traditional Chinese

As far as I know, there aren’t many lessons written in traditional Chinese :(. Is there any way to convert the simplified characters in most lessons into traditional ones?

Currently traditional characters are not fully supported on LingQ, but when Cantonese is added as a beta language we will ensure traditional characters also function properly with the word splitter.

If you would like to convert these texts, you can find plenty of simplified-to-traditional converters on Google (here’s one, for example: Good luck!

There are only a few in Traditional, but no way to search for this directly in the library.

I too am a Traditional learner. The audio’s all good though. =]

How many people are studying Chinese using traditional characters here at LingQ I wonder.

I’ve been using lingQ with Traditional Character for over a year now. Usually without any dramas, I use the Tong Wen Tang tool in Firefox to convert anything that is simplified. You have to be careful sometimes. If for example, I’m saving new words, if click on the suggestions/lingq already there and that person was using simplified the it will save it to my list as a simplified character. But apart from that, it’s pretty straight forward.

I don’t think that there is any need to classify lessons as Traditional or Simplified.

We do have the option of giving editor access, which would allow a user to add the traditional version of the text as a script conversion. Would any of you be interested in doing this?

Thanks everyone for your feedback! The conversion softwares are really useful!

Yeah, I got it as well.
For Google Chrome.
It works well, just have to create the lingQs yourself, not use the ones listed.