Traditional Chinese Online Bookstores

Does anybody know of a good online book store that has books in Traditional Chinese? I’ve used and they have a good selection but their books aren’t in downloadable formats like epub or pdf so I ended up having to screenshot every page and then copy-pasting everything manually to LingQ. Which is doable but takes a lot of time.

So what I’m looking for is an online bookstore that sells books in Traditional Chinese but where I can easier import them to link with just a drag and drop. Does anybody have any good suggestions?

Have you tried 博客來-海外專館>紐澳 ?

I know of this store actually. Looks like they have a good selection. Do you get the books in a downloadable format for easy importing to LingQ?

No idea to be honest. But they do have an ebook selection:

I don’t know what format it’s in, but if it’s PDF, in the worst case scenario you could convert it to ePub and possibly write a Python script or something to strip out erroneous data like page headers and footers and so on. I could even maybe attempt something like that, or maybe such a thing exists. PDFs are a bit of a pain to work with.

Gotcha! I’ve used Readmoo in the past but all their books are read in their own app so I had to screen shot every single page and then transfer everything manually to LingQ. If this website has any type of format that is downloadable then I’m sure I’m able to sort it out just fine :slight_smile: My Chinese reading skills isn’t good enough to figure out what kind of format they use for their ebooks :smiley: