Traditional Chinese on LingQ

Why can I not import traditional chinese into LingQ? I have seen from previous threads you can use firefox extension to convert simplified to traditional into LingQ, but LingQ converting from trad to simplified and then some addon converting back seems like it would be very prone to errors to me.

I don’t understand why that feature can’t be taken out so the characters just stay in the form they are in? Surely it can’t be too difficult to implement, even if the character parsing isn’t as good it doesn’t bother me, you can add it as a beta language if needs be.


We are going to add Traditional Chinese slot soon. It’s work in progress.


Brilliant! Also, I spoke to Steve recently who said he was interested in adding Cantonese, if he still wants someone to coordinate translating the mini stories and who is she into Cantonese then I am still happy to do that as I have a lot of friends from hk who are students and wouldn’t mind a bit if side cash for a few jobs like this.

Thanks again zoran!


That’s great! I already have 50 Mini Stories fully translated to Cantonese, but I still need someone to translate stories 51-60 and record all stories. If you know someone that can help, they can contact me on zoran(at)

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This is great! We definitely need more variety for the Chinese language family. I would definitely use such a feature.

Hi Zoran, do you have a set price per story/recording? I know a few people who are interested so I was thinking get one person to do the translation and get a second person to record/proof read. If I have an idea of budget or you have a fixed price that would make the process smoother so I can cut out some of the ambiguity.

Also are we still wanting Who is she?

They can contact me on my email for details about price and if they have any other question.
Yes, we would like to translate and record Who is She course too.

It would be also great to have the pinyin fixed. For many words it’s wrong. I tried to report a few but nothing happened.

We added Traditional Chinese yesterday. There is no content in it yet but feel free to start importing. Enjoy! We plan on adding the Cantonese mini stories when available.

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Hi Mark, I’m a little co fused. You are adding Cantonese and traditional Chinese as the same language on LingQ? Will you look up in Pinyin (Mandsrin pronunciation) or Jyutping (Cantonese pronunciation)? Or can you choose? If you can choose, does that mean you can’t use LingQ for both Cantonese and traditional Mandsrin?


That’s a good point. Rather than coordinating the pinyin or jyutping we will just add Cantonese as a separate slot. We’ll do this next week.

Awesome! If you need a dictionary I don’t think google translate supports Cantonese and the Cantonese only characters, but bing translate does.

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Free Cantonese resouces to import:

300 Youtube videos with Cantonese subs: Cantonese with spoken form soft subtitles/transcript - YouTube

Online/Free books in Cantonese:

Paid resources:

Cantonese Conversations (full speed conversations between HKers transcribed): Cantonese Conversations

Expansion packs (articles on history and language learning methods with full audio):

For upper intermediate I really like the book men cant be poor (男人唔可以窮) because there is a movie to go with it and a lot of the themes and vocab overlaps with typical hk dramas. Link is in the first post on Cantonese literature

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Hi Zoran, some of my friends said they emailed the address above and have been waiting for a while with no reply. Do you have any update with regards to the project? Cheers!

Hi Luke, yes I did received email from your friend two days ago. I replied to him now with some questions. I had to wait for a while because I have other person hired working on Cantonese stories and had to hear back from her first.