Traditional Chinese Filter

Hi guys, I was wondering if there was any way to filter content that uses traditional chinese. Or is everything simplified? My family is from Hong Kong, so I want to learn the traditional characters first before learning the simplified characters. Thanks!

Hi! We currently only offer the Simplified version of Chinese. The main reason is that our current splitter which we use to split up words automatically does not support Traditional characters. We did look into this in the past, but it proved to be quite a headache so we decided we would just hold off for now until a more obvious solution arises.

Traditional (beautiful) Chinese texts are not supported by LingQ. Such texts will be automatically transformed into simplified (ugly) Chinese. It’s a pity.

Cool! So I can keep my hopes up that LingQ will eventually offer traditional characters? :smiley:

No immediate plans, but if an easier or more obvious solution appears it’s something we’d definitely consider :slight_smile:

A cool feature would be the ability to toggle between simplified and traditional characters. As far as I understand, this shouldn’t be such a problem to implement. However, I guess it’s not a priority.

It can still be tricky, as simplified characters don’t all convert directly to just one traditional character. To be honest, we’re not confident we will be able to do a proper job supporting traditional characters without spending a lot of time on it, so for now we’re just sticking to simplified.

Hey, I also find it a pity that there is no “Traditional Chinese”-option…(Or is there by now and I couldn’t find it ?)

Here´s my solution to read all text in traditional chinese:

  1. Use Chrome Browser

  2. Install the NJStar Chromate add-on

  1. Automatically converts the simplified characters to traditional characters

Unfortunately this does not work for the vocabulary review feature, as this launches a new window/app

For reading only it´s perfect though