Traditional Chinese Content with Taiwanese Accent

Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking for content with Taiwanese accent and I’m having difficulties. I’m learning mandarin with traditional characters. books with script and audio, videos, blogs would be very helpful.

Thank You!


How about this series on youtube, taiwanese mandarin, with traditional text and pin yin subtitles.

First ever episode of Easy Mandarin! Ya Hsuan is at Tapei 101, a popular tourist attraction, to ask people what they’re doing today - Easy Mandarin 1 - What are you doing today? - YouTube

Not sure of your current level, but it is fairly easy to follow with subtitles, and you can slow the speed if needed on youtube setting etc …

Hope that can help you - 希望那可帮助你 。。。
Best regards, Keep safe, Frank

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I really appreciate your help. I will be adding them now

Thanks! @frankG

I noticed that the robot text to speech doesn’t allow you to choose Taiwan pronunciation when you are doing Traditional characters, but you can with simplified Chinese (Note this is the complete opposite of what you would expect/want)

It’s not a big deal but I’d suggest adding Taiwan pronunciation to Traditional Chinese.