Traditional chinese character parser

How come on LingQ when learning Chinese you have to look up the character it parses for you and you can not look up individual characters, or combinations of characters? I ask this because for traditional chinese the character parser is wrong a lot of the time, so it would be useful if there is an option for me to ignore what characters LingQ has parsed and look up a word anyway.

Here is an example:

登入 - LingQ

Line was parses the characters like this: 是 說合 理化, but actually the word is 合理化 to mean rationalise, because of how LingQ works I cannot create a LingQ with this, the closest I can do is create a link for the whole thing.

The way lesson is parsed depends on text that was imported and how it was parsed into original version.
I just edited that lesson manually and as you can see 合理化 is now word you can select.
Sorry but for now it’s not possible to select only certain characters between words and make a separate words from them to LingQ it.