Tracking Vocabulary Outside of LingQ: Can I Use a .txt File for Later Import?

I am currently using LingQ for learning English and Arabic and it constitutes 90% of my language learning regimen. I’m happy with the service, especially since I have lifetime subscriptions for both languages. In the next two years, I plan to learn French and Spanish. Before integrating them into LingQ, I’d like to track my vocabulary progress outside of LingQ to avoid marking words I already know. Would it work if I created a .txt file, listed each word I know on a separate line, and then imported it into LingQ when I’m ready?

For example, let’s assume I am learning Spanish, and my spanish.txt folder is like this:

and then I just import that .txt using LingQ’s system?
How to add “definitions” of these words? Is it possible?
Sorry for asking too many questions, I want to use LingQ to the fullest!
Thank you again!

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Hi @ali105

You can import these terms but you need to follow proper formatting. You can open a new Google Sheets or Excel

Follow the column headers below and download the sheet as a .csv file. Ensure there are no commas in your sheet before downloading

Example sheet

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Thank you for responding.
Could you please refer me to a link or guide that teaches me how to do this? I haven’t used excel before.

If you have a google account you an make a new sheet on for free.


Copy the headers out of my sheet and fill in your own information for the words you are importing.

I also have a free web extension for automatically selecting the most defined definition for each word.


Thank you a ton! You’re such a bro for giving me this
I’ll do this first thing tomorrow

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