Does “Total Physical Response” have anything to do with “Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling”?

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I have used these methods of teaching for years so I will attempt an explanation. TPR was first (developed by James Asher). Then a California high school Spanish teacher (Blaine Ray) who used TPR began to change it up a bit by developing stories with his students. For a while the method he developed was called TPR Storytelling and then TPRS. As the method developed farther, a large emphasis was placed on reading the stories that had been made up by the class, as well as reading other suitable material. (This change was influenced greatly by Stephen Krashen) Finally TPRS became “Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling”. Some TPRS teachers still use formal TPR in their classes but many don’t.

Just lately I read that the final name change also had to do with the fact James Asher wasn’t happy with the name TPR being used by the TPRS people. I hadn’t known that although I definitely remember when the name was changed.