Total words in comparison to Unknown Words. Question

I was just wondering how many total words known does it usually take to get around 5% unknown words in a Romance Language such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, or French.

I noticed that it slowly goes down when reading a long book, but in the more general scheme of things, around how many words known do you need to bring it down so almost everything you import has 5% or less.

I would say once you hit advanced 2 or somewhere around there. I have around 35000 in Spanish and I’ve got a few fantasy novels imported right now that I haven’t read yet, where each lesson is at 5-10%. And once I got through the first few chapters that would probably go down a bit more.

I think it took reading around 15 novels to get from 8 or 9000 up to advanced 2. And reading books was definitely the fastest way to get there, at least for me. Once I got to 35000 I switched to reading on a kindle though cause I was tired of the eye strain of reading on a computer screen.

Thanks! I was thinking about the same thing with switching to a Kindle! You are basically doing the same thing as me haha