Total word count and unknown word count for an entire Language on lingq

Does anyone know is there a place I can see the total number of words and total number of words unknown to me that are contained in the entire resources for a language that Lingq offers? I am curious to know how many German words the German resources all contain, and how many I still have not identified as ‘known’.

Hi Alan,

you can find this information through the LingQ App, It shows total unique words, blue words and yellow words.

You can also find this info in the data

If you want to look in the data see here

change the 131… to your courseID (the course not the lesson) and ‘fi’ to your language code.

Is that for the entire German resources in Lingq or just one course or lesson? I want to determine the former, not the latter.

That data will give you the information for each lesson in the course. If its one lesson. Just one result.

edit: → To find your course ID

go to editor menu, top right corner is the box, go edit course.

In the URL you will find the course ID

Hi. Yes I know that I can find this. But that is not what I’m asking.

I do not think we have access to that unfortunately. Over the course of time people only care about total words read overall; with extensive reading unknown words will become known words.

I am not sure why do you need that? if your percentage of unique words in a partcular ebook getting near 2-4% that means you have very less number of unknown words to acquire and you are already getting better at the language.

Usually beginners have higher percentage of unique words when importing ebooks and other resources on lingQ.

@alandickey Sorry, but not. The data you are asking for aren’t available at the moment.

Ok thank you Zoran for letting me know