Topics You Like for Group Discussions

Hi Everyone! I like to host group discussions once in awhile, but I am am never sure what to post as the topic. Are there any topics that anyone is interested in talking about in a group setting? I would love to know your thoughts.

I find the topic “Topic to be determined nearer the time” to be just as popular as any other topic :wink:

I just write “Обо всём и ни о чём” (about everything and nothing particular) and it works fine too (for Russian, where there are only 5-6 people who signs up for discussions)

To be honest Rasana, when you do post a topic, half the time I have to run it through Google translate to see what it is! I worked out pretty quickly what “Обо всём и ни о чём” means and it suits me fine!

“Open discussion” is fine too :slight_smile: More important is the time.

Last year when I was spending more time for studying I liked having a subject. I would study the lesson and before the conversation I would have few notes with phrases and vocabulary I can use related to the subject. It is motivating to have a subject but I like random conversations too, plus I don’t always have time to prepare any more.

I’ve translated all topics and descriptions to English :)))

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. :slight_smile: