Top 3 languages in posts - another motivational thumbscrew?

You seem to be trying all the tricks in the book to get us to learn more!

I noticed that you now show our three most active languages whenever we post anything. I think of myself as SanneT who learns x languages. Now all of a sudden it is X-1!

I have to admit, though, that it looks less crowded, but now I have to do some more French in order for it to usurp one of the other languages. Not fair!

Now I am convinced that you are visually challenged.

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I think I may have to agree with you up to a point! Now I can see a whole row of languages on my original post, but on yours I only see three (3), trois, drei, tre, tres, …

P.S. On my post from a second ago I can see Swedish, French (how embarrassing) and Spanish.

P.P.S. I was right in the first place, French isn’t displayed, it’s Russian I see, not French. So, please ignore the “French (how embarrassing)” remark, because I now have to write “how embarrassing, it wasn’t French I saw the second time, it was Russian all along”! I am definitely visually challenged!

yeah i only see three languages on replies too

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Haha! On the other side of things, would we really want to see all of Steve’s *17 * languages every time he posted? :). Btw, was it fun deliberately learning 33333 words? I might try for 7777 … :slight_smile:

Noooo! I am quite happy with things, I just felt deprived of French. And yes, I deliberately stopped adding more to French because I like the 33333 words. I tried to do the same with the other languages, but need to do some more work and more judicious adding of “Known” words.

You should have seen my two faux pas yesterday, groan! :slight_smile: Talk about foot in mouth disease…

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And as @TroisRoyaumes generously pointed out to me elsewhere, the languages shown do change, so my abject apologies were not at all necessary. I knew I was perfick :slight_smile:

It does show more for the original post, as you noticed. The primary reason we reduced it from 5 to 3 for replies is that 5 ended up taking significantly longer to load, so we decided it was better to make the forum load more quickly instead :slight_smile:

So you finished French with 33333 LingQs??

CAPTCHA: actors iesGable

No way, I love French, I just don’t add any more Known words!

Nah, she needs polished French to flirt.

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Out of curiosity, how are flags sorted?

Good question, it’s actually based on Activity Score in descending order. In your Progress Snapshot, you’ll also see your languages ranked by Activity Score in descending order.

Quick! Should I stop working on my German? Der Entscheidungsdruck ist hoch!

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Aber klar! Bei einer solchen Schnappszahl muss man einfach aufhören :slight_smile: Es sei denn, dass Du ganz schnell die nächste erreichen könntest und danach die dritte Stufe, auf der ich allerdings ruhe.

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I will onhear, when I 100,000 German words have.

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You will stretch your two ears?

I believe until then he will continue to have his ears pointed.