Tool for verb conjugation practice (SP, PT, DE, FR, IT)

I created this tool for practicing verb conjugations. I never liked cramming conjugations before, but I found that practicing them this way is kind of addictive. :slight_smile: You can find it here: Verb Conjugation Practice

Currently it’s in five languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. You can set the verbs, tenses, numbers/persons and some other options you would like to practice or choose from the pre-defined levels. If you’re logged in, your results will be tracked, too.

I hope this helps you guys as much as it has helped me so far.

If you have any suggestions for improving it, don’t hesitate to let me know.


Dude Tommg! It is good practice doing these conjugation.

Great tool tommg! Thank you very much!

I love it! It’s amazing and really helping me to improve. Thank you so much for this.

Hi ! =)))

Why not add Russian verb conjugations too? =))) Ah, you are from Hungary, so you have an idea of what Russian language is all about? =)))

Jokes apart, I think, many of those who study Russian as a foreign language would truly appreciate this option!

And just as with verbs in nearly all languages, they have tenses, aspects, number and person, and optionally one may derive participles from the verbs, as they are really very much alike and share quite a bunch of properties! :wink:

I will add other languages, too. Latin, Romanian and Russian are next on my list, probably next week.


Thank you so much, tommg, it’s such a bonus! :slight_smile:

I think your site and the tool for verb conjugations (I used it for Spanish) is great. Thank you for creating the conjugation tool & site. As per Prof. Catalina Moreno E. in her PRACTIQUEMOS website, practice like this is important and underated. Prof. Catalina Moreno E. has a similar program available in Spanish.

Wow, great! =))) Should you need any help, feel free to address, as some of the verbs in Russian have quite an unexpected conjugation paradigm, and are not trivial even for native Russians! :wink:

A good job, thanks!