Too much compliments from native speakers

Have any of you ever experienced a moment where you for instance go out to a Japanese restaurant and practiced your Japanese with native speakers and then afterwards those native speakers give you too too much compliments (or if they give you the same compliment 100 times), so much so that they annoy you after a while but you don´t know what to say?

If so, how did you deal with this issue?

I never ate sushi at that place again.

@djvlbass What sushi place are you talking about?

No, I meant “I never ate sushi at that place again.” They were too nice so I decided not to give them my business. It was a joke.

But seriously, just tell yourself you aren’t actually good at the language until they stop complimenting you.

Ok hahaha, I thought you were referring to a place you have been before hahaha

Thanks for the clarification hahaha. I never really experienced being over-complimented before, but I know people who have and I was just curious, so that is why I started a thread with this question.

@Iri My Japanese knowledge is very limited so that is also why I unfortunately didn’t get the joke.

Oh ok I get what you mean hahaha, sorry haha

Yeah I will definitely try that in the future hahaha Thanks. :slight_smile:

When I do language exchanges with people learning English, I’m very nice about their level at the start because they are beginners. With advanced speakers, I don’t praise them as much because they probably know that they are good!

If Chinese praise me too much for too little (which, as with the Japanese handling of foreigners speaking their language, happens all the time) I just tell them so directly: 你过奖了 ni guo jiang le “you over-praise.”