Too little content in the new version of lingq?

Hi everyone, i was wondering if i’m the only one that finds there is less content in the library than we use to find in every languages, since the new layout came up.?

Do you suggest that content has disappeared from the library? Do you have examples of lessons that you can’t find anymore?

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Hi pascal30,
There shouldn’t be any difference in the Library compared to how it worked earlier, and it seem to work normally for me. Are you unable to find some specific courses/lessons?

sorry, for the delay… when i open the library for exemple in english without any filter there are 10 pages of result or so. and it seems to me that when i did the same thing several months ago i had a lot more.

I’m going say there was more Russian content too. I think the problem is not the vanishing of content, but rather the search engine’s ability to find it. Today for example, I searched for all Russian course in the Beginner 1+2 category, there is hardly one page. This wasn’t the case months ago. I know the search engine is not the best anyway, but it has got worse.

ok, so it might be that… i guess i’ll have to import more things… thank you anyway

Try to become more content.

You have to have the patience of a monk to put up and be content with LingQ’s library.

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I can’t seem to find much content either. I filtered just Intermediate 1 content and there’s nothing there. I then apply a couple of more filters and I just get the courses that I listened to last.

Sorry about that! Can you please try again, the library search should work properly now.