Tolerance - does it imply reciprocity?

The dream that many people have is that folks can live together peacefully in a spirit of mutual respect (at least at some basic level) regardless of what religion they have - or whether they have none.

Not everyone sees it that way, alas. The young man in this report being a random anecdotal example.

You take a Bible into HIS refuge centre (even if you are there by invitation of some other refugees) and he is going to plunge a knife right into you. No messing around.

In fairness, he did concede to the police that he “over-reacted” - so that’s one small step vaguely in the right direction, I suppose.

Tolerating people with different views and beliefs is a good thing. But how about if the people in question hold absolutely intolerant views? How about if their reaction to a different faith is to pull out a knife and launch an immediate vicious attack?

Do we tolerate that!?

It worries me that this individual may not be alone in his (how shall we say?) “over-exuberant” approach to interfaith dialogue…? In fact, it worries me that he may have quite a lot of friends who are similarly given to “over-reacting” when confronted with Christians, Jews, atheists, gays, unveiled women…and so on…

Heaven help Continental Europe if that is true :frowning:

In my opinion tolerance has to be reciprocal. The consequence is that tolerance must be intolerant for intolerance.

What is the meaning of tolerance? !!!
There is no tolerance with someone kills innocents people whatever his religion! Because terrorism doesn’t have religion !

Tolerance is not acceptance. It is acceptance that needs to be reciprocal.

What worries me is that I may be gradually becoming (how shall we say?) “counter-radicalised”…!?

Every time one hears of a fresh terrorist attack (or even just some aggressive anti-social behaviour) one receives a fresh droplet of radioactive Donaldinium into the bloodstream. I reckon it would only need one really major incident in the UK (truck attack, mass-shooting or the like) and I’d start to think some crazy thoughts…:-0

Can’t you just think back to Margaret and IRA bombing? :slight_smile:

I do. That’s the problem! By comparison to the medieval thugs from ISIS the IRA seem like a few kids holding a noisy party! :-0

I don’t know if torelance implies reciprocity, but Intolerance tends to escalate “reciprocally.”

I can’t believe this… you’re reading your bible and almost die.

That’s why I don’t like the fact europe and in my case Brazil decided host refuges, they come here, criticize our beliefs, have no respect for our people, they want to make our home their home. For example, a lot of they try to abuse women because in their culture there is no punishment for this kind of thing.

Do you host someone that you do not know at home?

99.9% NO!

So why are we doing it? Human Rights? The Pope? Catholicism, Christianity?

where were they when this woman was attacked?

I’m not against the refugees. but they need to respect our people, our country and our beliefs the same way we have to accept them, offering a new opportunity to live with dignity.

I’m sure , that’s the reason UK decided quit EU.