Today is the End of the World

Wait, the world ended? How did I miss that?

I really wish I could understand what it is that pushes people to believe in the supernatural, but I don’t. To me, it’s the same as wondering how kids could possibly believe in Santa. I know it feels real for the believers, but from the outside, it’s a really strange thing to witness.

Particularly, I’d like to know what goes on in the mind of a person who decides to believe that the end of the world is coming, so much so that they’d be willing to sell everything they own to buy posters promoting Judgment Day. It’s sad to think that a human could find themselves in such a position of vulnerability, and sadder yet to think that there is someone out there willing to exploit it.

I’d like to know what goes on the the mind of people who insist, despite objective evidence to the contrary, that grammar and pronunciation explanations help them learn languages and sound like “a native”. :slight_smile:

Sell everything and join me, and you shall be saved from bad pronunciation!

I don’t see why religion deserves any special treatment. If I’d say I believe in Zeus or an ancient Norse Goddess wouldn’t I meet ridicule? Religion has done enough damage in my view and should not be exempt from sharp criticism. What is wrong with calling it a delusion?

Religion causes people to kill each other because someone burns a stack of paper in public. What am I supposed to call such a believe system?

I’ve met Odin-worshippers, and Isis-worshippers. It annoys me that when their beliefs are regarded as “ridiculous” but Christ-worshippers are treated with respect and deference. I can’t see the difference myself.

By the way, if Jesus loves me, then presumably Satan does too.

@lovelanguages Whenever I hear a Christian say that they are tolerant of others’ beliefs, I can’t help notice they are leaving out the part where the Bible clearly states that non-believers should be stoned to death. (The Old Testament is also part of Islam.) Can you choose to worship a book that calls for murder of anyone who disagrees AND call yourself tolerant?