I have begun reading Erskine Caldwell’s TOBACCO ROAD. I notice that people in the story neither behave “correctly” nor speak “correct” English. But I am very interested in what they say. I have never read such a story.

Ah yes, there are many American books like this. Many of the books are difficult for Americans to read because they use colloquialisms and a lot of archaic language from the American South. Plus, dialogue is often written out incorrectly to show the reader how the character is using the language incorrectly, or to give the impression of the character having an accent.

If you enjoy these sorts of books, you might enjoy Mark Twain’s writing. I imagine Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson would be an interesting challenge for any non-native English speaker.

Last night I finished reading the novel. I don’t want to blame the writer, but I feel depressed. The situations described in the novel were so miserable but real, even if it was fiction. I think that this novel is worth reading.