To those of you who share content, why do you do it?

I’m especially interested in the opinion of those who do it regularly and put some effort into it (instead of, let’s say, just sharing fresh youtube imports).
Do you feel it’s rewarding? Do you do it for self-study? etc.

I don’t share the imports from YouTube.
But I am a language teacher. That’s why it’s interesting to me to write and to share my lessons and articles in Russian, English and German.
I record my Russian lessons and articles of the wide range of the topics by myself and my English and German native speakers help me by editing and recording my English and German lessons and articles.
I would be glad if my materials could help some of language learners - that’s my best reward.


To practice transcribing audio. To have it help the community is added bonus.

You ask why people share content regularly, one of the many motivating factors is money - $$ - as it happens.

Content providers are rewarded with points every time their content is opened by students. The more lessons clicked, or the more times the same lesson is clicked by different students, the more the content provider gets.

For many the number of points does not amount to anything substantial - points can only be exchanged for cash when they reach 10 000 points or more which is the equivalent of $100 - in my case, I get about 40 points per month for the 10-20 lessons I’ve uploaded, which means it would take years to get anywhere; but for some content providers such as VeraI and evgueny40, it is worthwhile.

Both VeraI and evgueny40 have shown much dedication and have uploaded hundreds, probably thousands of lessons and deserve every single point they get and can cash in for $.


Thanks, Maria, for the high estimation of my and Vera’s dedication.
However, you have a completely wrong opinion that money is an essential motivation of sharing content.
I’ve written circa 6000 (!) lessons and articles in 3 languages and spent several thousand hours for their writing and recording - and I’ve received for using of all my lessons 4371 points ($43) in February, 4843 in January and 4223 points in December, it means $134 for three months!
You think it’s worth to spend so much time for this money, isn’t it???
That’s why I tell again - without my interest as a teacher and without my wish to help other people with my lessons, especially for beginners, I would never write so many my lessons and sharing them here in Lingq.


I wrote “one of the many motivating factors is money”, obviously not the only motivating factor :slight_smile:

Creating content in the form of 6 000 lessons takes enormous effort, what incredibly energy you have. Quite unimaginable for most of us! I believe you when you say it’s taken you several thousand hours. It’s a huge amount of work!

I am glad to hear you’ve got $134 in the last three months, a rate of $536 per year. Gone are the days when it used to be a substantially more, roughly 2-5 times more, due to member’s expiring points.

You are obviously interested in creating content in three languages for the three reasons you mentioned, namely:

  • as a teacher
  • to help others
  • especially beginners

I’d add a fourth dimension

  • because languages interest you.
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I didn’t know this was a thing, how do you do it i’ve shared before and see no record of ever getting any money from it or anywhere on my user pages where it might be.