To study or not to study

I am always interested in why people study some languages if a country or countries that speak a language you want to learn has numerous social and economic problems and parts are not safe does that affect your decision to study that language for instance latin America is notorious for it’s numerous social problems

I feel I could somewhat give an answer for what you’re looking for. I lived in the U.S. all my life, and as I got older I felt dissociated with the people, values, and politically as well. I never liked how the politics were just Republican or Democrat, and how other political parties (3rd parties) had no voice. This combined with just countless other discomforts police violence, strive for technology and science, education, corruption, etc. I finally had enough and wanted to escape from it. I had always been interested in my Grandparents being German, however It was never spoken at home, so I never learned it. But as I got older I wanted to learn about Germany, and found that it solved many of the discomforts I had been experiencing. Upon more research I even found out that College tuition in Germany was Free* in most cases. For me this was definitely the fact that convinced me, I knew that a German College education would not only be quality, but would also be a lot cheaper than University in the States. So I made it my goal to go to Germany to study, and to hopefully live there. So the reason I started learning German was to get a hang of the language, so I could speak to my mom and Grandparents in there native language, then to get to a level, to where I could come to Germany and study, and live.
I could go on about my story but I’ll spare you the essay.