To save words with different meaning

I am unsurely what I have to do exactly:

There is a word which I have already saved.
I would like to save it once again with another meaning.
How do I act exactly correct?

At this point the only thing I can recommend is to enter two or three meanings in the Hint section and to save more than one phrase in the Phrase section. You could also tag all synonyms as “synonym” and then you can review them separately.

Any other ideas?

Well, I’m not sure to tag with ‘synonym’ would be a good idea… thing of having a list of 200 words with this tag… it would be impossible to find out which are the synonyms.
I would propose a different approach: use numbers to differentiate the words. For instance, a good candidate in English should be the verb get. You could call your lingQs get-1, get-2, get-3, and tag them with ‘get’.

The purpose of tagging is to create a list of many items. If you tag a word with Get 1, you will only have one word on that list. The point is to get a list of words that fit some category you have decided would be useful for your learning.

Tags are very good, because I can create of words that I have difficult with. For example, for english words, I use to them as “pp” for “preposition”, “pro” for “pronunciation”, etc… So I can work on words that I find difficult to pronounce or words I cannot remember the right preposition. I also use “d” meaning “difficult” for works I use to not remember, which is basicaly spelling. I dont know why but I tend to confuse “to” and “too” or “than” and “then”, so know every time I see this words I am trying to save and review them.

You know, Mairo, it would be interesting at some point to share our tags, to compare what tags we are using. This might help all of us. In the future we are also going to let people share lists to be imported.

Hi, Steve, I think you didn’t understand my point.
I proposed the lingQs names would be get-1, get-2, and so on, but the TAG for all them would be simply ‘get’, so you could have a list of all your ‘gets’ examples by clicking the tag ‘get’.

@Steve: again to your point “save more meanings in Hint” that is ok -

“more than one phrase in the phrase section” --???

do you mean in the same box?
If yes, I think it would be a little confusing to have more than one phrase in the box.

I work with tags too but I would like have the created tags for chosing. Now I have to write each time and when I write in different wise, I have for each spelling a new tag.

Unfortunately I cannot see in flashcard the tag, that could help me to recognize the word (perhaps :slight_smile:

Did you mean the following:
word1 - with a phrase as example and the same word as
word2 - with another example ??

I think, this could be a good idea! I will see if it is working.

At present we cannot edit the word, I think. I do not see how we could save word-1 and word-2. Please advise. I must be missing something.

it is only possible in lingQ-box and now only in vocabulary area - and it is more work, I know.
At first you can see, word alone is there,
than you can write the word with -1 - and with other phrase
I will try it in the next time

more work is no problem, the longer I work with a word the better it is for my learning.

Yes Steve, indeed one cannot edit the lingQ title, but you can create another one in the vocabulary section. Maybe it would be a good idea to have the lingQ title editable by the lingq widget.
Yes, Irene, it was exactly what I meant.

I heard we cannot have the lingQ widget editable - it isn’t possible - but we will have the word-box additionally (on the WorkDesk - may be near Flashcards whenever we have these).

This would be pretty good and helpful.

Very often when I use Flashcards I would like save this word in another wise too.

I know we have to be patient but perhaps that will be a Christmas present :slight_smile:

once again to work with tags:
the idea from ana is well to give the phrases tag “phrase”

Only when I call “phrase” for learning with flashcard, I get all phrases, the words with status (4) too. I cannot select.

I would like have the other phrases with status 1-3 for learning.

There are a lot of possibilities in vocabulary but I miss sometimes a possibility for selecting these or those.


We recognize that there are many improvements necessary in the way the Vocab section works. Separating the status 4 words and phrases is one thing we will do. Please wait.

you could order your words by status