To revise or not to revise

Today I overheard an interesting conversation between a Russian teacher and her students. She claimed she was able to tell immediately if a student had not revised the material. I do agree that revision increases retention by a lot (seem to have read something like 50 percent more though I do not know this for certain - if anyone has any other figures it would be great).

Do others revise what they have learnt like record their lessons, plus use vocabulary in o other contexts etc?

I systematically put in Anki new vocabulary/grammatical patterns learnt by reading and listening on Lingq.
I then review this new vocabulary/grammatical patterns with Anki.
I find this “combo” (Lingq + Anki) very efficient.

I revise vocab using the built-in SRS and revise old lessons now and then but not systematically. New, more interesting content is always better if available. Before I used LingQ, I had good success with Anki and earlier Supermemo for vocab reviews.

Although LingQ has no long-term diary or reminder system, you can click the share link at the bottom of a lesson and email the link to You will get an email in 2 weeks with a link to review the lesson. More info on this email reminder tool at

email the link to 2weeks @ (without the spaces)