To iPad users:

When I click on “Exchange”, its submenu will not allow me to choose from the list. The submenu of Exchange disappears instantly. I cannot choose anything from the list of the submenu.
I am using an iPad mini with iOS 8.4.1 and the browser is Safari.

Does this issue occur on your iPad?

It seems that the programmers who are in charge of the LingQ site have not noticed this urgent issue.

Academy, Forum, and Notifications, which are put above Learn, Exchange, and Tasks, work fine.

I am now using my MacBook air. I can choose the “My Requests” page from the submenu of Exchange, but I cannot write a message on the “Completed Request” page. The return key does not work and the message I write remains in the box.

If I want to post a comment on the response to my request, I have to close this laptop computer and use my iPad or iPad mini. The problem is that on my iPad or iPad mini I cannot open the “My Request” page as I wrote a hundred times here in the Support Forum.