To improve writing(corretion by a tutor, using points for conversation and submiting writings)

Hi there,

Asking about improving writing,we all know the only way to improve, is writing.

I would like to write everyday and get it corrected at the same day,is it possible? if so will be so Great and perfect! How long time it takes to us receive answers to our questions here on the forum?

How much do we have to pay for that?how much points do we need like for writing everyday 1 or 2 pages for corretion?

How much do we have to pay for 1 hour of conversation once a week?

Looking forward your answer.


Hi Juliana, interesting you are based in Finland! Not so far off!

As regards writing you can work out the price yourself from what you can find on the site: "You will be charged 3.33 points per word of writing. For example, if you submit 100 words of writing, you will be charged 333 points or $3.33*.

  • includes 50% points discount for Basic, Plus and Premium Members"

You can buy points for cash or earn them by offering conversations or writing correction. If you would like someone to correct your writing everyday, you can easily work out the cost as it is based upon the number of words you submit. A page a day would be about $10 a day depending upon how much you wrote.

An hour a week would be 2,000 points which translates to $20.

You can write as much as you wish in the forum for free to practice your writing but because people are more interested in communicating here, you won’t necessarily get corrections.

Maria wrote: “You can write as much as you wish in the forum for free to practice your writing but because people are more interested in communicating here, you won’t necessarily get corrections.”

Actually, the rule is that you don’t correct forum postings unless the poster asks you to do so. :slight_smile:

All right, I got it, that is a good idea write here, I am a plus member,but I think it does not increase very much the learning process(having more support) and advantages being basic or plus and the difference of amount of mony is huge.

Thank you for your idea.


@jnvn - Actually, it sounds like Plus is a good idea for you since it gives you the points you need automatically each month for doing the writing you are talking about. The big difference between Basic and Plus is that you get 3000 points a month included in your membership fee and you get a small break on the points. If you plan on using that many points anyway, you are better off to be a Plus member. By the way, just in case you missed it, you can submit any of your forum posts for correction by clicking the “Post and Submit for Correction” link at the bottom of the input text field.

Ok, thank you for the idea i missed that i can submit from here, by the way for what exist the link here check spelling, because i have tried it and aware of there was some mistakes i my text, but it does not correct anything, I think again mony, nowdays in internet we have to pay for everything?

It will be better and low stress to us if we could get more things and help for free!or at “least” “sheeaper” price(does it make sense),like if we just could go to correct texts in google translate(and get a perfect structure gramatical perfect text)what we get just totally mess text,i have to write some cases,essay and it a bit mess my brain thoughts in portuguese mixed with spanish then some english and then cames totally messy write messy text?

Do you have idea,anything wich could help me or i just have as Steve always say relax and enjoy myself and keepind patient and self motivated and “struggling”

thank you anyway


@jnvn - Yes, you should stay relaxed and enjoy…! :slight_smile:

Regarding the spellchecker, make sure the correct language is turned on by clicking the arrow button beside “Check spelling”. Then when you click “Check spelling” it should all work. It does not cost anything.

As for things being free, I don’t understand why things should be free on the internet. It would be better and less stressful if food at the store was free too… :wink:

Juliana, do you mean there were spelling mistakes or other kinds of mistakes in your text. As its name says, the “spellchecker” only check your spelling mistakes. It is a computer, after all… :slight_smile: