To come to sb's aid

Hello Allison, Steve, Mark!
How are you? Are you having a good day? I am doing fine.
So, y’know, a beginners (»greenhorns«) haved always many, many questions. Also I’m. But I work this slowly: step by step. Now I heve a big problems. I need your answers on my only three questions.

  • I tryed to change (upgrade) my membership level some weeks a go: out of FREE in BASIC. Twice at $ 10. Because, I was exceeing the limit LingQs (300). Wild-goose and I was blockeding still (not unlimited). Why??? Something is not all right. Upgrade in this way are evidently always qestionable!!!

  • Now I have »pipe dream« to activate membership lavel PLUS. Yet is time to seriously study exclusively on a LingQ beginner I. programme. But -as stated abave- this way are qestionable. How do I easily and successfully activite lavel PLUS in the first time???

  • The second way are: Lessons/ Courses/Studentallison/Show Details/Register Now. But first most seleckt time for sessions: one weeke PM, anather AM… Here I see another problem: by choose houres a sessions. I’m not sure: any of tutor liveing in Canada or any of tutor are citizen US??? This are another time zone and also anader time lag. How to prevent misapprehension by to determine conversations time: at the each weeks???

I hope you’ll to make out meaning all of the sentences. Please, to help me with as stated dilemmas. To take into account: this is my »baby steps« letter.
Regards Tone

PPS.: Yeah. I had forget what I had been tought at school for many, many years a go. In my case there is not too much to forget. Because zero is always zero.

Hi Tone,

That’s quite the forum post for a Beginner2 student! :slight_smile: Well done! You should submit it for correction by a tutor so you can get some feedback.

Regarding your upgrade to Basic or Plus, it looks like your payment failed for some reason. You are still a Free member. Please check the details of your credit card and try to upgrade again.

All times are shown in your time zone. Just make sure you have set your time zone correctly on the Settings page. You will pick a time that will be the same for all 4 weeks of the course.