Titles of the courses are not shown completely

The titles of the courses in the library are not shown completely.

This was one of the enhancements that we made, as the text often resulted in a cluttered look in the previous version of the Library. Now it looks a lot neater, and if someone is interested in the Course they can click on it and see the title, description, etc.

This isn’t an improvement in my opinion. The name of a course shouldn’t be too long but on the other hand it should point for which level it is and about what it is.

Interesting point. A solution might be to change the name of the course so that the level comes first. That way the user will see it easily in either case.

Why don’t you present them like the lessons?

Additional it should be possible to select courses by level. I suggested this earlier on the forum. Then there would be need to add this to the title. That this isn’t possible is one of the reason why I don’t add courses for intermediate and advanced learners because I’m sure that beginners wouldn’t be able to find their courses.

Vera, we are gradually developing the courses area, and in many languages we have very few. If we sorted the courses by levels, there would be no courses in many levels. Once we have enough courses we can add the sort by level function.

There are issues with how with how the courses seem to appear in random order, and we are working on that I understand.

Since the courses are collections I am not sure how we would present them as lessons. But that is something we can keep in front of us.

In the meantime, since the title of the course appears in the Icon, the easiest solution, now that we see how they appear, is to change the title to something simpler. For example Beginner: Hitzewelle etc.

We are always dealing with the fact that we make changes to accommodate 11 languages and many different needs and situations. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience. We understand what you are saying, and I think we can gradually move in the direction of making the library work well for all or most of our users.

I should concentrate on my own studies.