Title when editing imported yt video's, too long

When I edit a youtube video that I imported with a title that is longer than 80 characters, I cannot save the title, unless I truncate the title to 80 characters.

Is it possible for the edit to be able to maintain the current titlle at more than 80 characters? If not, then could the import utility check for the length of the title, and before truncating, copy the whole title to the beginning of the text, so that it does not get lost? That way we would still have the complete information, and the title would be 80 characters after import.

The best solution however, is to allow for more than 80 characters, like youtube allows for.

80 is maximum allowed size at the moment. Video with longer title can be imported but if you try to edit it, as you have noticed, you will see the error message.
Just make the title shorter and you can manually copy-paste the title into a lesson text if you prefer. It’s not that often that videos have 80+ characters in title.

I don’t disagree with the advice, but it does happen often that a title is longer. I just imported a small article from yle uutiset which had the same issue. Mostly it happens with youtube (my experience: YMMV). Anyway, I will see if I can make it work that way.

Please delete it to fix it.