Tips for beginner tutors?

Hey there, my name is Ayman. My native language is Arabic. I’m thinking about starting a tutoring side gig here, and I wonder if I can get tips from experienced folks on how to embark on that path.
How do you market your services?
Do you rely on a curriculum to teach the language?
Or is it usually more of an improvised practice call?
What would be a reasonable pay rate?

Please don’t restrict yourself with these questions and feel free to add any interesting points!
Thanks in Advance :wink:


I use italki quite a bit (for French) and you might want to look at that site for inspiration even if you are planning to use this site to offer instruction. You don’t have to spend any money to create an account and look around, but you might want to take a few lessons in your second or third? language and try a few different teachers to see what style of teaching you admire.

On that site you can see what other teachers of Arabic are charging and how they advertise themselves through their videos and profiles.

My favorite teacher there has the student pick what they are looking for. Casual conversation practice? Formal lessons? Practice for a specific language test? Other teachers offer other approaches and options. Some just offer conversation. Some give homework, some don’t.


Thank you for the tip! I kept hearing about italki but never gave it a try. I’ll definitely have a look at it for research