Tip: Rename Quick Import collection to batch your imports into collections

I think I’ve discovered a way to make quick import of collections even quicker. I’m new here, so maybe there’s a better way or what I describe below might even be wrong. Your comments are welcome. Try at your own risk - it seems to work for me.

Let’s say you want to import a long web page, eg an ebook, into 10 different lessons, and put those into a collection for sharing later, or just so you can better organize your own imported materials.

You could import each part one by one using the bookmarklet, then move each of the imported lessons to another collection by opening each lesson and adjusting the collection setting of each lesson individually. It’s a bit tedious to do this to many imported files, especially due to page reloads and redirects. There seems to be no way to select 10 imported lessons and move them to a given collection in one go.

A simple way to move all of the quickly imported texts in one go is to simply rename the Quick Import collection. Quick Import always imports texts into the “Quick Imports” collection. If “Quick Imports” doesn’t exist, it gets created automatically.

For example, if I want to make a collection consisting of many parts. First rename the collection “Quick Imports” to “Quick Imports old” to save any previously imported and unfiled lessons.

Then do a bunch of importing using the bookmarklet, for example, selecting chapter-by-chapter each chapter of 10 chapter ebook. The collection “Quick Imports” will be created automatically again, containing these 10 chapters.

When complete, rename the collection from “Quick Imports” to something logical, such as “Title of book”.

All the imported chapters are now in the collection “Title of book”.

Or is there a better way?

Sounds like a pretty clever method!

You can move a lesson to any of your collections from the “Advanced Settings” tab when importing a lesson, but if you’re importing a book or series, this sounds like a good way for an advanced user to quickly add them to a specific collection.

Thanks keke for the tip!

I hope a lot of providers will follow it.
and make colections with more lessons and not for eache lesson a new colection.