Tip for finding videos with subtitles on YouTube

Here is a tip that at least some of you may not already be aware of.

If you want to find long videos with closed captions on YouTube, you can click on “Filter” and then select “Subtitles/CC”. It is also possible to filter to only show long videos. Your mileage will obviously vary depending on how much content is on YouTube in your target language.

There is also a “Creative Commons” option. If you find interesting videos with a Creative Commons license, please share them with everyone rather than keeping them to yourself!

You can then get the entire transcript of the video as follows:

First click on the three dots below the video player.

Then copy from the transcript that pops up.

If you want to download the audio from YouTube in order to upload it to LingQ, there are websites which can do that for you. I won’t link any, but a quick google search will reveal many of them.

I apologize if someone has already made a post about this. Hopefully some of you find this helpful (and find interesting content for me :P).

Edit: You can also use the LingQ extension to import the YouTube videos after finding them, if you’d prefer. Hopefully the ability to filter by videos with captions is new info for some.

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