Times Listened not Incrementing

I noticed this last night on my iPad and again this morning on my laptop

When I listen to a lesson the “Times Listened” indicator at the bottom of the text is not updating. Refreshing the page does not update the count either – so it seems it’s not just a display issue


@spatterson - We checked this and it looks to be working properly. Please note that the counter only increases when you reach the end of the lesson audio file, then the counter will be increased and your stats will be updated.

Hmm no I don’t think it’s working properly. On Firefox 18, Mac OS X it doesn’t work. On my iPad with Mercury (firefox based I believe) it doesn’t work. On my mac in Chrome it IS working. Please check Firefox again

Hmm make that Firefox 20.0. Apparently I upgraded. Perhaps it broken with the upgrade since I remember it working properly 2-3 days ago

@spatterson - Ah, good catch. It does seem to be an issue with Firefox. We’ll look into this!