Times listened and read a lesson

I remember that it used to be like this: If you opened a course, you would be able to see how many times you read and listened to each lesson within that course.
My question is: Why did you guys at lingQ remove this feature, and could you consider adding it back again?

Currently I am doing all the mini stories in Spanish and there are a lot of them! I have a goal to listen to each one of them at least 10 times and to read each one at least 5 times. The only way for me to see how many times i listened or read them right now is to manually enter each lesson and then click button in the top right corner of the lesson. It wastes a lot of my time.
It beats me why you would remove a very useful feature.


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Counters are great and I’m missing them too. Especially when I have lessons that are too easy to read but challenging enough to listen, then I would like to see how many times I’ve listened them.

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Make lingQ great again BRING BACK THE COUNTERS!!! (just kidding its better than ever now, but i srsly miss the counters)