Timerange filter for Creating New Events

Here is a suggestion, to make the creation of new events easier:
When I create a new event, I would like to have an additional time filter. For example I would like to see all avalible events from 9 PM to 11 PM for the next week or month.

Do you mean you want a filter on the list of Available Events or you want this filter on the Create an Event page? We will be making improvements to our Events section in the next few weeks.

I would like to filter on the Create an Event page … but of course this feature is useful on both pages.
I have only time in the evening and with a filter it would be much easier to find all events in the evening.

Makes sense. We’ll see what we can do!

How can i arreng my forum easyly for me.What can i do for that? Thank you.

giant, what is difficulty for you?
I think if we would know that we could help perhaps.