I’ve just started using this site to see what it’s like and I’ve noticed that the way it teaches time in the beginner lesson I looked at is incorrect. For example, you would NEVER say mutsuji to say 6:00 and you would NEVER say nanajisanbun to say 7:30. Maybe this isn’t the place to be if you want to learn Japanese that people actually speak. I’ll poke around some more to give it a fair shake but it’s off to a bad start.

Is the problem in Romaji only, or Kanji is wrong too? If it’s Romaji, that’s something we are working on and hope to improve in the upcoming updates.
Stories were translated by native Japanese (Kanji), but Romaji and Hiragana are added above automatically if you enable them.

I NEVER rely on the auto-generated readings on this site for Japanese. Unfortunately, a lot of the romaji and furigana are incorrect (you can turn them off in settings). My favorite part about LingQ is that you can import your own material, so you can bring in native content from Netflix or YouTube and use that to study.

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