Time Zone Keeps Changing Automatically

I noticed my time zone keeps getting changed automatically when entering a lesson (keeps getting changed back to America/Chicago). I keep trying to set it back to my time zone, but it reverts back to America/Chicago every time I enter a lesson-- both through the website or the app. I haven’t encountered this issue until today. I noticed it because my streak broke the first time it happened and my daily coins count keeps changing every time the time zone switches (probably because the time zones are on different days at this time).


Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue.

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Hello Zoran,
for me as well two days ago the time zone started changing automatically which is a real pitty for me as my best and usually only possible learning time is between 9pm and 3am in the morning so for me setting another time zone made it possible stay motivated with the day streak system.

Thanks for reporting @JensBerlino, our team is looking into the issue.

The timezone of the application should adjust automatically to your one.
May I ask, if you are using a VPN service?

Hi, time zone changes for me also (back to America/Chicago) on app and on website. I lost my streak but repaired it once. Hope this issue can be sorted. Thanks

Hi, I have the same problem this week, with some VPNs all the time.

I set “show 12-hour clock” from “24-hour clock” yesterday, the time zone is unchanged when I post this reply.

Unfortunately the time zone is auto changed again … (back to America/Chicago)

I don’t have a VPN on either device

Same for me. Please advise

I keep losing my streaks because of it, and I don’t know how long I have coins to fix them…

when I create a new lingq, the timezone changed over and over again.

We are looking into it and we will have things improved soon. In the meantime you can contact support and we will fix your streak manually in case it breaks.