Time Spent Using LingQ

Hello. I have been recording the number of daily minutes spent listening to various podcasts and using different software applications. I am wondering if I have missed seeing somewhere in LingQ a record of how much time is spent on the site? I realize that I would have to self discipline in order to determine the number of minutes spent working with the language, but a “time spent” would be useful for some people. I am studying French and Spanish right now, and try to manage 60 minutes per day in each language, with a “perfect” day being 100 minutes spent on either language. (I do include any conversation time spent with a native speaker so that helps me reach the goal a little easier, on at least some days. Not sure if what I am saying contradicts the already determined strategies used by LingQ. Anyway, just a random thought. (I should probably get back to practicing my languages now…)