Time of speaking in statistic

On Monday, August, 18. I’ve had a conversation. But in the statistik for the last 7 days there is no time for speaking shown.

Hi Vera,

Can you tell us if Aug 18th was the day you signed up for the conversation or the day you actually had the conversation? We are trying to figure out what happened and we see that you do have conversation hours when you look at the last 2 weeks.

Hi Steve,

I think you get the point. The total time of conversation is correct.

I signed up at August 12, 2008 for August 18, 2008. But this time does not appear in the statistic for the last 7 days. The time for the last month is correct. Maybee you add the time depending on the date of signing up a conversation?

I had the feeling that my conversations doesn’t appear too. But I didn’t control really exactly - at first I don’t know WHEN the points will be add - when I sign or when the conversation ended.

I’ve done a conversation as tutor with sacadura340 at Thursday, August 21, 2008. This conversation was signed up August 20, 2008. Both days are in this week. And his time for conversation is 0.

Sorry Marc, the post above was for you, not for Steve. It would be nice to have the ability for correcting posts :wink:

I figured that, Vera! We will look into the statistics on Monday. It seems like there may be some strange things happening.

Hi Mark, my last conversation from August, 26 does not appear in the statistic. Neither in the time for the last 7 day’s nor in the total time.

Hi Vera,

We found and fixed a bug in the speaking statistic calculation today. The speaking hours have not been recorded for the last two week or so. The speaking hours statistics for this period have been lost but the Activity Score calculation is still correct.

Sorry about that. Thanks for noticing!

Thank you for fixing this bug!
I know about the difficulties. I’m (sometimes beside my other duties) a software devoloper too.

I think there is still a problem. For example my conversation from yesterday does not appear in the statistic for the last 7 days.

Hi Vera,

In fact, the time is added to your Speaking Hours at the time you sign up for the conversation so if you signed up last week, it may have been reflected in last weeks speaking time. I realize this is somewhat confusing but for the moment this is how speaking time is calculated.

This is different from the Activity Score speaking number which is taken adjusted at the time the conversation takes place. Don’t ask why these are different! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you still think it’s not working properly.

Hi Mark,

I think it doesn’t work correct. I’ve signed up the conversation time for the September 03 on August 25 and it doesn’t appear in the statistic of the last 2 weeks. Both times are during the last 2 weeks.
I’ve signed on September 03 a conversation time for next week and the conversation time is still 0.

It works for me and it actually seems to recording after the conversation not after I signed up. I just spoke for 30 minutes 1 on1 and it has shown up in my stats for today.

Vera, were you in a group conversation or a 1 on1?

Hi Mark, I’ve done only 1 on 1 conversation.

Hi Vera,

Now, I think I have it figured out! We register your speaking time when you book the conversation but we don’t actually display it until the conversation has been completed. Therefore, you should see the time displayed after your conversation takes place.

However, this was only implemented a week ago so that any conversations you booked over a week ago will not show up in your statistics. However, any conversations you have booked in the last week and any you will book in the future, should show up correctly after the conversation has been completed.