Time (for lesson...)

I was wondering if time set for a lesson is automatically changing if I am at -5 and the tutor is at -6 ? Does the web site takes that in consideration?

Yes, just make sure that you have your time zone set correctly, the system will do the rest!

So… My tutor is not online, and never accept my demand on Skype…
I lost 1000 points with that!
Very cool!!!

You’ll get the points back, either from your tutor - or by writing to support (@lingq.com). It’s frustrating but can happen for all sorts of reasons. Luckily it is a rare occurrence!

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Finaly I made the mistake of changing my time zone with the summer time (I don’t know if we say this like that)…
I changed this up… :S

@Marjo1410 - if you didn’t get your points back, just email us at support(at)lingq.com with the these details: conversation date and time, tutor’s username.

It´s okay everything is fix up now! Thanks a lot!

Glad to hear that! Happy conversations! :slight_smile: