Time Allocation to Language Learning

Do you guys spend more time on reading or listening, or try to achieve a balance between the two?

I prefer more reading, as it builds up my vocabulary quicker. Hope to hear your responses :slight_smile:

Hey, I spend more time listening, maybe ten times more, I don’t know if this is good or if I should be reading more but what I do is read and figure out what the words mean, then as I go through it all, and maybe do one more read and when I have translated the whole lesson I start listening, I could listen to a lesson 20 times as I drive to work, and if understand the audio and can make out what I hear I am then happy.

Then I move on to another lesson, usually I pick lessons between 2 and 3 minutes long! Hope this helps.

Could I ask you a question? I am new to lingq, maybe using it seriously for the last month and learning lots, how long are you using it and do you find it helpful, I’m curious because I would like to know how I will be maybe 6 months down the road. Thanks

I found myself listening alot more in the first month or 2 of my spanish, now in month 3 I find myself reading alot more then listening…this has to do with the fact that reading has become more easy for me now that I have build up a little vocabulary. I would suggest you to just do what you like the most.

I believe that by reading you have more opportunities to learn new words and strucrures because you can in any moment stop and think about the new words in the context, guess them or at least look up in the dictionary.
By listening you don’t have such an opportunity, you have to understand or not to understand new words in a second that is very difficult to do.
But by listening you can activate and acuate the new words that you met by reading, and it’s also very important because you can’t speak having only your passive vocabulary after reading.