Many folks are trying to learn Tibetan order to read Buddhist texts. It is very difficult to find teachers and classes locally, so we must teach ourselves. No on line language site such as Lingq has a Tibetan Language option. Any chance you may add it?


Hi Al,

We hope to eventually add all languages but no saying when Tibetan will be available. :slight_smile:

Sigh… crazy when I see a language like Tagalog offered, but not Tibetan. LOL.
Thanks for replying.

Well… you could theoretically use any of the languages here to learn Tibetan so long as you have your own online dictionary and could find your own texts to study from…

Interesting idea. Do you mean using an already existing LingQ language to import content in another language and then studying it on LingQ?

Well since I already know English, I use the English link for Polish…

I’ve been using the English one to read about American history and listen to some political speeches. Maybe I should do the same to improve my Finnish or maybe.