"Thumbs down" icon

I’m just starting German on LingQ and have a question: What does the thumbs down signal mean in a suggested translation? The one I am looking at has been suggested over three thousand times and the text is the same as other suggested translations for that same word. Does the “thumbs down” mean that over three thousand people have rejected the suggested translation? The word is “die” in the mini German stories and next to it is written “3014” followed by the thumbs down icon.

Number suggest how many times other users saved that translation for selected term.
If the thumb down icon appear, that means that somebody has reported that translation as wrong, but that doesn’t have to mean that it’s not correct since sometimes hints are reported by mistake. In cases like this, if you are not sure if hint is correct (althought if it has been used for so many times it probably is correct), you can use dictionaries to confirm it.

It seems like hints for a language’s most common words have a high rate of being thumbed down for mysterious reasons. I wonder if it is caused by beginners who don’t find the hint helpful at the particular moment they see it.

Yes, the thumbs down icon seems to not be effective. We are planning to remove it in the near future so you should no longer see it. We will instead rely on premium members to indicate when translations are in the wrong language or incorrect.